Agent Supplies

We have the following products available for purchase

Flag pole fittings $65 per set.   You just have to add the handles from a couple of cheap rakes and add the flag.

‘Welcome to our open home’ signs $        each.    Add the touch that a lot of other agents don’t think about

Open Home / Auction A- frame $ 110 each.        Made strong to last for years.   Suites 900 mm x 600 mm corflute.   Ready to paint in your color.

Open home pointer frames $ 45 each          (Corflute sign not included)

Victorian Exclusive Sale authority forms (2 pages x 50 copies per book)
Blank      $ 50 each   (no minimum quantity)
Pre-printed with your business details $ 55 each   (mininum order 10 books)

Cable ties
Clear 200 mm x 4.8 mm (100 pack) $
Clear 300 mm x 4.8 mm (50 pack)  $

900 mm x 600 mm corflute signs $12 each.     Min Qty 100

Sold by ????? Stickers  (590 mm x 120 mm) $7 each  (Min Qty 10)
Business Logo’s         $150   (We’ll give you a choice of 3)
Delivered electronically. Just send us your name and any ideas or colors you like

All prices plus GST and freight

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