Someone asked me the other day “What does RIPA do?”

Initially I thought about all the time it saves, how it eliminates mistakes, reduces the need for staff and most importantly how it continually wins listings and sells properties quickly. But then I thought, no, RIPA will simply put your agency so far in front of every other local agent that there will be  really no comparison.
RIPA has been specifically developed for the Australian real estate industry (especially Victoria) and through a single entry system, will greatly improve efficiency, reduce the need to support staff, reduce mistakes, give agents lots more spare time and let agents be in total control of their business.  Repetative tasks that used to take a long time can now be completed in minutes with no mistakes. RIPA is perfect for agents wanting to start up their own agency, perhaps from home, right through to established agencies wanting to reduce costs, improve efficiency and get a huge market advantage. You will shave many hours off your working week and elliminate a lot of the issues that you previously had to deal with.

RIPA combines an office based PC with internet technology giving agents the freedom to operate from their tablet PC in any chosen location. It’s easy to use and will make you stand out head and shoulders above your competition.   RIPA can also be linked to a fully integrated web site which is one of the industry’s best and comes with a complete content management system.

RIPA is not an off the shelf program, it’s a living, breathing total operating system which continues to evolve and our support staff offer personal one on one support to users as part of the deal.   We will get you up and running quickly, offer support when things go wrong or you simply don’t understand and will continue to improve RIPA so that it’s the best that it can possibly be.   We want you to be successful and want to know that you have applied the different sections to achieve the greatest results for your business. Online one on one training is also available as well as a total set up package of your web site. Customization for any specific needs is also possible and if you have a great idea that will benefit users, we want to hear about that as well.

If you would like to know more, check out our See Power Point presentation or any of the below Demonstration Videos or contact us on (03) 5831 6405 .


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